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About Antees


Antees Joseph is a Barrister & Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand and also a Notary Public. He has been practising immigration law in New Zealand for the past twelve years and is one among the leading Immigration lawyers in Auckland.

Antees migrated to New Zealand from India in 1998. He holds Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degrees from Goa University, India.


Immediately after being admitted to the High Court of New Zealand Antees began work in a law firm that specialised in immigration. He worked there for four years and has continued to practice immigration law full-time after leaving the above firm.


Antees has successfully represented clients in many immigration applications including Family, Skilled Migrant, Long Term Business Visa, Work Permits, Section 61 applications etc.

He has also successfully represented clients at the New Zealand Residence Review Board, Removal Review Authority, Refugee Status Appeals Authority and Immigration and Protection Tribunal and has also successfully represented clients, along with the Principal of his previous firm, at the High Court of Auckland (judicial review) and the Deportation Review Tribunal.


Antees motto is "to provide efficient service and reasonable fees".


In most cases Antees is able to offer clients a fixed fee which is agreed upon in advance. 


Please note that this law practice is not a recruiting agency and does not assist with job offers.


Immigration Lawyer Auckland

Why contact a lawyer?



The New Zealand Immigration laws and policies are complex.  In New Zealand only lawyers, licensed immigration advisers and other exempt people are allowed to provide immigration advice. People who are not licensed or not exempt from licensing are not allowed to provide immigration advice or file immigration applications (on behalf of clients) in New Zealand.


Lawyers in New Zealand are governed by the New Zealand Law Society rules and regulations.  If a lawyer fails to follow the rules and regulations they could face disciplinary action including the cancellation of their practicing certificate.


From 4 May 2009, Immigration New Zealand has refused to accept applications from unlicensed onshore (New Zealand) advisers.


The immigration application process is complex and it is important that you instruct professionals such as lawyers to provide you with immigration advice and to file your immigration applications. By instructing an experienced immigration lawyer you will ensure your application is lodged legally and properly and avoid future problems during the processing of your application.


"Since my admission as a Barrister & Solicitor in New Zealand in 2003, I have been practising immigration law full-time and have gained considerable experience in this area. Engaging an experienced lawyer such as myself will certainly improve your chances of obtaining a permit/visa. As a sole practitioner I am able to keep my overheads down and therefore offer reasonable fees. In most cases I am able to offer clients a fixed fee which is agreed upon in advance".



Please note that lawyers are exempt from registration with the Immigration Advisors Authority.

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