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Residence Appeal: CO (Skilled Migrant)

Residence Appeal: [2011] NZIPT 200102

Representative for the appellant: Antees Joseph

Date of Appeal Decision: 20 May 2011

Category: Skilled Migrant Category

Decision Outcome : Decision Reversed, the appellant granted residence.

Skilled Migrant category / South Africa / complimentary health therapist / INZ declined the

application as employment found not genuine / decline decision incorrect / SM4.15 / SM7.5 / SM7.15 / Appendix 11 / genuineness / appellant not required to have commenced employment in order for offer to be genuine / employer entitled to impose conditions on offer of employment / condition that appellant obtain residence before starting work, in best interests of continuity for patients, not unreasonable / INZ reasons for decline incorrect / failure to consider appellant’s responses / Tribunal finds employment genuine / section 18D(1)(b)

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